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Basements and other below ground level structures have special plumbing and drainage issues. Flooding from rain runoff or groundwater and drainage for fixtures such as toilets, sinks and showers installed below ground level present special challenges. Fortunately, the sewer line service pros at Atlanta Sewer-Septic have the expertise necessary to meet the challenges imposed by below ground level spaces.

Basements, crawlspaces and finished living spaces below ground level are all at risk of flooding from rain runoff or groundwater intrusion. Flooding is more than an inconvenience. It can severely damage your foundation and cause mold, mildew and wood rot. Atlanta Sewer-Septic can install a sump pump system to help keep your basement, crawlspace, or finished living space free of flood damage.

A sump pump is a submersible pump installed in a well below the level of the floor of your basement or crawlspace. When water tries to intrude into your home, it fills the well first. Before the level in the well reaches the floor level, a float switch is activated and the sump pump pumps the water out and away from your home. Proper sizing and installation is critical for an effective sump pump system. The experts at Atlanta Sewer-Septic have the knowledge and experience to design and install an effective sump pump system that’s right for your home.

Ejector Pump Service

Your sewer or septic tank system normally relies on gravity for your sinks, toilets, and other fixtures to drain properly. Drain lines run throughout your home down to the sewer or septic service line buried few feet below ground level. When sinks, tubs, toilets and other fixtures are installed in living spaces below ground level, special ejector pumps are necessary to pump wastewater from below ground level up to the drain lines leading to the sewer and septic lines.

Atlanta Sewer-Septic can help you with all your ejector pump needs. We can design and install an ejector pump system that meets your needs.

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Atlanta Sewer-Septic is your specialty plumbing center. You can count on us for the design and installation of an effective sump pump or ejector pump system. Contact our Atlanta Sump Pump Repairs Company for all your sump pump or ejector pump needs.

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