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A septic system typically uses a drain field to dispose of the liquid wastewater (or effluent) that flows out of your home. When you flush your toilet, take a shower, or wash your clothes or dishes, all that water and waste has to go somewhere. It first flows into your septic tank where it stands for about 24 hours to allow the solid waste to settle to the bottom of the tank, then flows into your drain field for dispersal.

A drain field (often called a leech field) is generally made up of a series of long, perforated pipes buried in the ground. Rows of trenches are partially filled with gravel, with perforated pipe laid on top of the gravel. The pipes are connected to the septic tank, and then covered with more gravel and soil. Wastewater flows into the drain field from the septic tank and then safely leeches or percolates into the ground.

Drain field installation and is a job best left to the experts at Atlanta Sewer-Septic. A properly designed and installed drain field will give many years of reliable service. A poorly designed or improperly installed drain field can wreak havoc with your septic system, possibly requiring frequent septic tank pumping.

Drain Field Installation

A septic system and drain field need to be properly sized and installed in order to work correctly. If the septic tank or drain field is too small to handle the amount of wastewater from your home or installed incorrectly, the wastewater will not leech into the soil fast enough, resulting in septic tank services more often. Also, too much solid material will flow into the drain field causing more problems. The solid material collects in the soil and gravel under the pipes and forms a greasy substance called biomass which slows the rate at which the wastewater leeches into the soil, causing the wastewater to collect near or on the surface or back up into your drain lines.

Disposing of paint and chemicals down the drain, unusually heavy volume of water use or failing to have your septic tank inspected regularly can also cause problems with your drain field.

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When it comes to drain field installation and repair, you can rely on the experts at Atlanta Sewer-Septic. Contact our Atlanta Drain Field Repair Professionals for all your drain field concerns. They will be happy to handle all your drain field installation and repair needs.

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