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Atlanta Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Most of your sewer and drain system is out of sight. It’s hidden behind walls, encased in concrete floors or buried underground. When problems arise with your drains, sewer lines or septic system, traditional techniques amount to little more than an educated guess as to the source and location of the problem. This can result in a lot of unnecessary digging, destruction of walls and floors, and improper drain line repair techniques.

At Atlanta Sewer-Septic, we use the latest, state of the art digital cameras to take the guesswork out of your sewer, septic and drain line issues. Our digital camera inspection techniques are a non-destructive way to inspect the insides of your sewer, septic, and drain lines. Using these diagnostic techniques, we can pinpoint the location of the problem, and identify the exact cause. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary digging and destruction of walls and floors and allows us to make an accurate assessment of the source of the problem. We can then efficiently employ the best repair techniques to get the job done right the first time.

Septic Line Camera Inspection Services

As part of our septic tank service and sewer line service, our trained technicians at Atlanta Sewer-Septic will inspect the inside of your drains, sewer lines or septic system by pulling or pushing one of our digital cameras into your drains, sewer lines or septic system. The images are monitored by the technician in real time and recorded on DVD. Our technicians are able to use these camera inspection techniques to see inside your drains, sewer lines or septic system and identify the nature and location of the problem.

Digital camera inspections can also be a great home buying or selling tool. If you are the buyer, a digital camera inspection can identify potential hidden problems with a prospective home’s sewer and drain lines or septic tank system. If you are the seller, you may attract more or higher offers if you can provide prospective buyers a written report with digital images documenting the good condition of your home’s drains, sewer lines or septic system.

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