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“Out of sight, out of mind.” This is how most people treat their septic tanks. Their septic tank sits quietly buried in the yard, doing its job day in and day out, year after year until suddenly a major problem arises. But you can avoid having a major problem with your septic tank and extend the life of the septic system by having your septic tank periodically inspected as well as regular septic tank pumping.

Just like any other type of complex system, a periodic inspection of your septic tank will extend the life of your system and help keep it in good operating condition. For most septic tanks, we recommend that you have your septic tank inspected by a qualified inspector every 3 to 5 years. Systems with pumps, switches, and other mechanical devices should be inspected more often.

If you see any of these warning signs, you should have your septic tank inspected immediately:

  • Soft, mushy spots in the yard, especially if it has not rained recently.
  • Bright green strips of grass
  • Slow flushing toilets or drains that back up, especially in the lower levels of your home
  • Smelly puddles of water in the yard.

Septic Inspection Letters

At Atlanta Sewer-Septic, we’re the experts in septic tank inspections. Our experienced septic tank inspectors are trained to identify any developing problems your septic tank may have, and prevent them from becoming an expensive, serious problem resulting in extensive septic tank services. Our technicians will first locate your tank by visual inspection, probing or using one of our high tech radio transmitters. These transmitters are flushed down your toilet and our technician will follow the signal to your tank.

The septic tank will then be opened and thoroughly inspected for cracks, leaks, corrosion, broken or damaged fixtures and any other indications of a malfunction. The scum and sludge levels in the tank will also be measured. Our inspector will prepare a full written report of the condition of your septic tank and go over that report with you in detail. The inspector will discuss any findings and recommendations, including whether your septic tank is due for pumping.

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