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Atlanta Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease TrapFor comprehensive grease trap cleaning in Atlanta, call the experts at Atlanta Sewer-Septic. Your business can count on our plumbing professionals to effectively clean and maintain your commercial kitchen grease traps. It is vitally important to maintain a clean, safe and fully functional kitchen. Your business must maintain its grease traps according to Atlanta’s local ordinances. Unaddressed issues with your grease trap can lead to costly plumbing emergencies. Whether you have small under sink interceptors or multi-tank outdoor traps we can help. Our waste removal experts meticulously clean grease traps, fully eliminating grease, food and debris from your system.

Our full service septic company maintains accurate records of grease trap cleaning for our customers. We’ll help ensure that your business is maintaining health department guidelines by providing all necessary paperwork and documents. We can also help with all your commercial septic tank pumping need at your business or commercial property.

Grease Trap Pumping

Call us today for a quote for service. We offer reliable and affordable grease trap pumping in the Buckhead area. Pricing is subject to the size and type of your grease trap. At Atlanta Sewer-Septic we can set up a regular schedule to service and clean your grease traps. We’ll guarantee your satisfaction if you choose Atlanta Sewer-Septic as your grease trap service provider. A properly maintained grease trap will help ensure that your kitchen operates problem free. If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen in Buckhead, call us today. We’ll work hard to meet and exceed all of your grease trap needs.

Restaurant Grease Removal

We are a full service sewer septic and plumbing company. Our plumbing professionals perform a thorough inspection of your lines and grease interceptor. Our restaurant grease removal service in Decatur GA will clean and scrape the interior walls, baffles and drainage lines of your system. We’ll remove grease build up and grease accumulation (aka FOG, fats, oils, grease). We care about the environment and helping you keep your kitchen safe and clean. Contact our Atlanta Grease Trap Cleaning Contractors today to schedule your service.

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