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Atlanta Septic to Sewer Conversion

Are you considering converting from your septic system to a city or municipal sewer system? At Atlanta Sewer-Septic, we are here to help. We’re experts in sewer conversion and installation and we are happy to help you decide whether making the conversion from septic to sewer is right for you.

Connecting to a municipal sewer system has several advantages over a septic system. Septic tank systems are expensive to install and need to be maintained and require regular septic tank pumping in order to stay in good working condition. There is a lot less that can go wrong with a sewer connection than there is with a septic system. Other than the occasional clog, a sewer connection can last for decades without the need for any sewer line services. Due to these advantages, home buyers generally prefer sewer connections over the maintenance and expense of a septic system and a sewer conversion may increase the value of your property.

Converting Septic to Sewer

If you’re considering a sewer conversion and installation, call the experts at Atlanta Sewer-Septic. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your septic system and to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of a sewer conversion. We will provide a written estimate for converting your home from septic to sewer so you can make an informed decision.

A sewer conversion is a big decision. Once you’ve made the decision, you can relax. Atlanta Sewer-Septic will take it from here! We are the experts in sewer conversion and installation. We will obtain the necessary permits and handle all the work necessary to install the new wastewater line between your home and the municipal sewer line. Once the new wastewater line is installed, we will pump your septic tank and fill it with soil. The entire sewer conversion and installation process can take two or three days, but generally the interruption in service is only a few hours.

Make The Conversion Today!

Call or contact the experts at our Atlanta Septic to Sewer Conversion Company to discuss converting from your old septic system to a new sewer hook up. Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals can help you decide if a sewer conversion and installation is right for you.

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