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Chamblee Septic Tank Pumping

You can rely on us for excellence in septic tank pumping. We have served the Chamblee area since 1997 and we know exactly what customers need when it comes to septic services. Our licensed and trained technicians are equipped to perform installations, repairs, cleaning/pumping as well as inspections for your septic tank. You will find that our company values honest, fair pricing and we extend courteous and timely service every time you call on us.

For top quality septic tank pumping for your home or business in Chamblee, call us today. We offer free estimates for our services and our team does everything they can to make your septic maintenance as easy and affordable as possible.

Emergency Septic Tank Cleaning

Your septic tank needs to be professionally pumped every 3 to 5 years, depending on the size of your tank and number of occupants in your household. It is an essential maintenance step and one that will extend the life of your plumbing system.

Neglecting to have your septic tank cleaned can result in excessive waste accumulation. This non-organic material buildup can cause disruptive overflow in your drain field, posing a health risk to you family. In addition, a malfunctioning septic system can lower your property value and become a legal liability. Let our septic professionals diagnose the health of your septic system and determine the specific requirements for your tank cleaning. We promise to respond promptly to those that need emergency septic tank cleaning, helping you avoid costly damage and future disruption.

Septic Inspections

Do you need a septic tank inspection for your real estate closing? We can help. We provide necessary inspection letters and can even work with your real estate closing attorney for payment from escrow. Our inspections include the following:

  • Check the side walls and the bottom of the tank for cracks and/or structural damage
  • Check lid depth and condition
  • Evaluate drain field and ground condition
  • Measure top layer of floatables and solids on bottom of tank
  • Inspect inlet and outlet baffles

Contact us today to schedule your next septic service. We are known for delivering top quality workmanship and the lowest possible price.

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